Shirting is Our Passion

After years of measuring, cutting, sewing
and experimenting, we developed
the 7 shirts that every woman needs in her closet.

In honor of Women's History Month, we made this button-down. We'll donate $10 of every sale of this shirt to support girls' education.

We've teamed up with fellow female-owned shoe brand, Ma'am to honor Women's History Month. Pair our "Ma'am" Shirt with these fabulous Dolly Sandals.

It's All in The Details

Our search to find the perfect fabrics took years. We traveled to the biggest cities and the smallest villages on roads that lead to hidden mills we didn't know existed. We searched because we are passionate about our product and today, we can honestly say we use the best textiles we could find. We source the softest, highest quality fabric from Japan, Portugal, Turkey and a family-owned mill in Italy. The only way you can experience the time and care we place on our shirts is by putting one on--it truly is an experience.
Our shirts are handsewn in a small, family-owned atelier in the heart of Downtwon Los Angeles. Our team of seamstresses pay attention to each thread, each sewline and every detail on a quest to produce the perfect shirts for you to enjoy and fall in love with.
We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the fit of our shirts and designing the most flattering, functional and fabulous styles. We've created a systematic way of dressing with shirts that elevate any outfit and fit every occasion. These are the 7 shirts every woman needs in her closet-one for each day of the week.