OLD - The Designers

OLD - The Designers

The Leylie brand is the heart and soul of the Leylie stores — both brick & mortar and online.

The Leylie collection is made with the highest quality fabrics and is sewn with the greatest level of care in Los Angeles.

We believe in a buy now, wear now approach to seasons — especially in our hometown of Los Angeles.
We believe in selling items that the consumer will want to wear all day, every day.
We believe that style always trumps trend and that nothing should ever be too fussy.
We love a good stripe, a bold pop of color and a fun and often times, floral, print.
We strive to create better and more unique product every season.

scarves (fall 2017)
central table (fall 2017)

While our online store only showcases our Leylie line, our Los Angeles storefront also carries a handful of quieter, harder to find labels that we are excited to share with our fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Visit us in person to shop our selection of:

  • Doffer Boys
  • Ellies and Ivy
  • Inhabit
  • Pour l’air
  • also, freedom
  • AqC
  • Brochu Walker
  • Circolo1901
  • Closed
  • Cooper
  • Cosabella
  • Diana Garreau
  • Elaine Kim
  • Galadriel Mattei
  • Hansel from Basel
  • Harmon Kuyt
  • Ink & Tailor
  • Isabel de Pedro
  • Lan Jaenicke
  • MalìParmi
  • n: Philanthropy
  • Newbark
  • Samantha Sung
  • Sphere One
  • We are Owls
  • Wolfum




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