Closet De-Cluttering

Do you need help purging the old, organizing the good and buying the new?

Leylie is here to help with all your closet needs. Whether you need annual or seasonal closet reorganization, she can outline a plan of attack that suits your needs as well as your schedule.

Leylie will assess which items you should hold onto, which ones you should let go of and which seasonal staples you’re missing and help you buy them. Then, she’ll make your closet functional and fabulous.

Contact us today for a free at-home consultation!


Do you need help getting dressed? Is there an event coming up that calls for a fabulous outfit that you can’t seem to put together yourself? Are you unsure of just how to pull outfits together from your very own wardrobe?

Leylie can help scour your closet to create THE perfect outfit or a series of perfect outfits to fit your lifestyle. And if you’re missing that classic pencil skirt, tailored jacket or flattering pair of jeans, she can help you buy them!


Do you have a charity or cause that is close to your heart? Do you want to host a fun girls’ night at your house that involves some fabulous clothing? Do you have a line, product or service you’d love to promote? Leylie Boutique would love to collaborate with you on creating a fun and fashionable event that raises anything from awareness to spirits and everything in between.